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Things with your career have changed since having kids, haven’t they? Your life used to be work, friends, partner and lots of naps. You enjoyed your morning commute and read lots of books.

The plan was to have a baby and have nothing change (you weren't going to be one of THOSE parents).

You were going to break glass ceilings, get big promotions and have it all!

But then this tiny human entered your life.....and things changed.

Concerts have been replaced by play dates.

Naps are now something you pay a sleep consultant to help you achieve.

And you. You feel different. Your career feels different. And you don’t know what to do about it.

Have you been thinking these things?

  • I need something different but I don’t know what that is!
  • I want a job that is more meaningful - I want to help people.
  • I want a job that will let me be there more for my kids. How do I do that?
  • I want to enjoy what I do so that I can leave my kids without feeling guilty.

All these questions and no one seems to have the answer (and really - you can't have this conversation with your partner/friend/dog anymore - they love you - but they just can't)

But wait....who is that woman waving her hands screaming ME! ME! I can help!

It's me! Allison Venditti - Career Coach for Moms 

My mission is to help moms create careers they love. Careers that make you feel good. Careers that light you up. Careers that make you look forward to leaving your little ones for a while to do something good for you (and get paid for it!!!)

I have over a decade of experience helping employees, individuals, CEOs, and moms create careers they love. Even better - I GET IT!! After my second maternity leave, I felt defeated and so unfulfilled with my work.

My children had changed me. I was unhappy getting up in the morning and needed a change.

I did what I had done for hundreds of other people - I coached myself. I wrote a resignation letter. I couldn't be happier.