This is what happens when you job hunt like a man

  I am a huge fan of the Washington Post produced "The Lily". I get their newsletters delivered to my inbox. But when I got their post titled "I job hunted like a man - this is what happened." I read it. I read it again and then stood up at my computer and... In the over 14 years I have been working in HR I noticed a pattern. The higher the position I was hiring for the fewer number...Read More

Mother’s Day without my mama

My mom set the bar high for mothers. She was that mom. The mom who always seemed to have it together. The mom who organized not only birthday parties with crafts but Easter parties, May parties (hey it's May!) and invented the Valentine's Day Chipmunk as yet another way to make holidays fun for us. My mom sat and listened attentively to my stories, drove me to the moon and back looking for basketball jerseys and made dinner every night....Read More