About Allison


Hi! I am Allison - Owner of Careerlove, mama to 3 little boys and secret weapon for moms looking to create careers they love.

Why Careerlove?

Once upon a time you had it figured out. You were a career woman. Staying a bit late. KILLING IT on projects - the works!

Then you found out you were pregnant. Awesome! Career, Mama, organizer of dinner parties and an instagram full of matching mom and baby outfits. You had it all figured out - you weren’t going to change the way some of those other moms did! You read Lean In - you were ready. BRING IT ON KID!

9 months later - you gave birth to a little human and you DID change. EVERYTHING changed.

Suddenly your career - your #1 priority is now taking a hard backseat to this tiny baby who has in the span of months become your EVERYTHING.

I get it. I really do. In addition to being the mama to 3 little boys - I have spent over a decade in Human Resources, coaching and consulting and a super niche specialty as a return to work expert. I have interviewed over 2000 applicants for jobs, helped over 800 people return to work after maternity leave, injury and illness and coached individuals into more senior roles, new careers and new businesses. I have worked with companies ranging from 5 - 10 000 employees in industries ranging from - consumer packaged goods, marketing, banking, tech, startups, engineering, non profit, health care and government.

I may be the world’s friendliest person. If I have met you at the grocery store, in line at Starbucks or at my kid’s school we are probably friends now.

Find out how I can help you create a career you love!