Top 3 Tips for Returning to Work after Maternity Leave

  As a Career Coach for Moms and Back to Work expert I spend my days helping moms create new careers they love, help them start new businesses and guide them through the process of returning to work after maternity leave If you are spending your time thinking about your back to work transition - here are my top 3 tips from my own return to work as well as helping over 800 people in their return to work journey!...Read More

This is what happens when you job hunt like a man

  I am a huge fan of the Washington Post produced "The Lily". I get their newsletters delivered to my inbox. But when I got their post titled "I job hunted like a man - this is what happened." I read it. I read it again and then stood up at my computer and... In the over 14 years I have been working in HR I noticed a pattern. The higher the position I was hiring for the fewer number...Read More