1:1 Coaching

(package or single session)

  • Are you feeling underwhelmed and unfulfilled at work? 
  • Have you returned to work after maternity leave and find yourself feeling stuck?
  • Are you trying to figure out your next step but keep coming up empty?
  • Do you want to work for yourself but just don't know where to start?
  • Ready to grow in your career - but need a solid plan?

Let me help! I have helped hundreds of moms pivot into roles they love!

This package is best for career change, career growth or starting your own business.
What is included: 
  • 6 x 50 minute coaching sessions via phone or skype
  • Online intensive intake questionnaire (so I know everything I need to BEFORE we get started!)
  • Templates and resources (that’s right…homework!!)
  • Action planning, goal setting and regular ongoing feedback
  • Access to my workshops and short courses as appropriate

Cost: $899 + taxes (payment plans available)

Let's do this!


Power Coaching Session

  • Looking to brush up your resume and need feedback?
  • Heading into salary negotiations and want to come out on top?
  • Having no luck with your interviews and need a professional eye to help you make improvements?
  • Have a tricky situation at work that you would like help navigating?

A power coaching session may be just what you need!

  • 1 50 minute coaching session held over the phone or via skype
  • 72 hours of email support following the session 
  • Access to my custom templates and resources as appropriate

Cost: $185 + HST

Let's do this!

"Working with Allison helped me gain tremendously valuable perspective on how to approach my career. When we started working together I had just come out of several consecutive toxic job situations, and I was feeling very apprehensive about looking for work again. Allison helped me learn to listen to my gut and trust myself; she taught me that it’s okay to say no to an opportunity you don’t feel right about, helped me hone my interviewing technique and avoid some of the pitfalls I’d been making, and gave me the tools I needed to build my self-confidence back up and land a job that is the right fit for me both professionally and personally. I highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or is at a transitional point in their career. Our time together was a hugely worthwhile investment."

 - Julie - Marketing

"Allison's insights run broad and deep. She really understands the challenges of being a woman, a mother, and an ambitious, creative person. Articulating this complexity and updating my priorities and goals has been a wonderful journey, and I have Allison to thank for seeing my career in an exciting new light."

 - CP - Art & Architecture

During my mat leave I contemplated a career change but never went through with it. I wasn’t really sure what direction I wanted take and two years later I found myself in the same job and in the same position; contemplating change and lacking the confidence to do so. I finally found the courage to invest in myself by connecting with Allison. 

"In just a few sessions, Allison was instrumental in helping to narrow down my career interests. Together, we set short and long-term (attainable) goals. She has given me the confidence to think of my career change as a career shift since my skill set is transferable to other industries. Since our meetings, I’ve signed up for continuing education classes, have loads of networking meetings set up and am excited for my next endeavor. Allison is a gem! Thank you for all your guidance!"

Claire G - Fundraising and Event Planning