Careerlove Workshops

All Careerlove workshops at $49+ taxes and one-hour in length.


Job Search and Resume Skill Building

This workshop focuses on how you can improve your resume and learn new ways to hunt for the job of your dreams. By taking this workshop, you’ll learn strategies that will move you away from the big job boards and help you:

  • Create an easy-to-customize template for your resume
  • Create a custom job search plan that works for YOU
  • How to job search without burning out and spending hours online

Name-Tag Free Networking

Never wear a name tag again! This workshop teaches you how to expand your network, reach out to people so that they respond, and helps you be more confident throughout the process! You will learn strategies that help you:

  • Find great contacts to help you build your career
  • Learn to use LinkedIn and other methods to reach out to new contacts
  • How to keep your network warm while you grow your brand
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Outsmarting the Applicant Tracking System

Over 75% of companies now use some type of Applicant Tracking System - you know, the thing that keeps humans from seeing your resume. This workshop teaches you the basics of how to get your resume into the hands of people who are hiring. You’ll get a sneak peek at the inner workings of an Applicant Tracking System, and how to build your resume to beat the system. You’ll learn strategies that will help you:

  • Understand how these systems work
  • What keywords are and how to include them
  • Most common mistakes people make when submitting to a tracking system
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Back to Work After maternity Leave

Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious about your return to work? Trying to prepare but unsure where to start? This workshop focuses on proven techniques and strategies to help make your transition easier so you feel more confident when you get back to work. You’ll gain confidence by:

  • Creating a plan for the weeks leading up to your return-to-work
  • Learning the top tips from Daycare Managers and Early Childhood Educators on how to transition your child into care
  • Building support systems and back-up plans for illness, emergencies, and last-minute changes
  • Learning how to create space for you, your career and your family

Want to take a workshop but not seeing one for you? I’m available to speak at your moms group, speak at your event, or create a custom workshop. Reach out at so we can talk more about your needs!