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Month: February 2019

The Problem with Passion

I run a company called Careerlove.ca and while I want people to be excited, motivated and have a career that fits their life, I will be the first to admit that I have a problem with the word passion. Every week I meet another person who is struggling with their career. This struggle is made […]

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And then it hit me

On January 25 my life was forever changed. The sun was just coming up when my three year old bounced into our room, onto our bed and then flung his body and his head backwards – into my face. I only remember the cracking sound. After that I don’t remember much. I remember stumbling to […]

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How I don’t do it all

Yesterday, I was chatting with another mom when she stopped and asked me  – “How do you do it all? 3 kids and your own business. You do all this other stuff too!” I looked at her – blinking – then realized she actually wanted an answer.  I didn’t have one. I had never been […]

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Mother’s Day without my mama

My mom set the bar high for mothers. She was that mom. The mom who always seemed to have it together. The mom who organized not only birthday parties with crafts but Easter parties, May parties (hey it’s May!) and invented the Valentine’s Day Chipmunk as yet another way to make holidays fun for us. […]

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The Morning Routine of 1 Regular Mom

The other morning while trying to simultaneously – do the dishes, get the cat away from the pile of unfolded laundry and check the morning news – this article popped up as “recommended for me” The Morning Routines of 12 Women Leaders As I was in the midst of my morning routine I thought it […]

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