The morning routine = 15 extra minutes in winter!

Returning to work from maternity leave in the next six months?

Just hoping it will all work out?

Here is my story. And my solution!

When I went back to work after my first baby I had my head in the sand.
I didn’t know what to ask for at work (and I was in HR!!!!)

Other than organizing daycare drop offs my husband and I didn’t have a plan.

After dropping my baby off at daycare on the second day I cried on the bus the whole way to work.

The first month was a disaster. All the things I had done on mat leave (make dinner, grocery shop, shopping) I will still trying to do.

My son was sick twice and I missed 5 days of work and my husband and I were fighting because I was so burnt out.

I was assigned to work on a return to work portfolio with a large client and as I created programs I saw that for my next mat leave I needed a program!

Over the next 6 years I helped 800 people return to work but BEST of all – my 2nd mat leave return I was prepared!! No fighting – just a solid plan

I negotiated part time work from home.

I knew the emotional issues that would come up and I was ready for them.

My boss even asked to use the work plan I presented as a template for future mat leave discussions.

On my third mat leave I wrote a 28 day program filled with all the things I saw work for me AND hundreds of other people.

For only $49 and less than 10 minutes a day you can make sure that my first story isn’t yours!!!! You get ALL the course materials to keep FOREVER. A supportive group of other moms AND access to ME in the group for the 28 days (totally OK to miss days I will still be there). Lets make a plan. Lets talk about the hard stuff.

Sound awesome! It is – next round starts on Monday Feb 4th!!! Join us ????