“2019 is going to be my year!”

Maybe you also said this in 2016, 2017…but fear not! 2019 is set to be a different year!

Have you been feeling frustrated at work and are ready to try something new but just don’t know where to start?

Are you heading back to work after maternity leave and need some support?

Want some help brushing up the old resume so you don’t have to deal with Brenda from sales anymore (please feel free to insert the appropriate terrible co-worker in here)

Careerlove – Career Coaching (and workshops and more) is here to help!

We have so much going on in January/February including:

Job Search and Resume Skills for 2019 workshop ($39)

Ready to Return – A 28 day online Maternity Leave Course ($49)

Return to Work (babies welcome!) – Free workshop

Power Coaching Sessions

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Wait who is this person talking about career, motherhood, return to work and NOT leaning in?

Hi! I’m Allison Venditti – owner of Careerlove – Career Coach, Back to Work Expert and Secret Weapon for moms looking to create careers they love! (I am also that person who makes friends with people at Starbucks, lover of Star Wars, feminist and mom to 3 little boys.