As a Career Coach for Moms and Back to Work expert I spend my days helping moms create new careers they love, help them start new businesses and guide them through the process of returning to work after maternity leave

If you are spending your time thinking about your back to work transition – here are my top 3 tips from my own return to work as well as helping over 800 people in their return to work journey!

1. Expect the Unexpected

When I first went back to work my partner and I expected that work would be the same. Drop off the baby at daycare – go to work – pick him up – BOOM! Done. In reality it looked nothing like that. We squabbled about who would dip into their vacation time after my son had been home with a fever for 5 days. I became resentful of the fact that I missed late meetings because I did all the pick ups from daycare and he hated the fact that I would text him all morning while he did drop off.

Before you head back to work – sit down and make a plan (and make a note that it may need to change).

Who is going to take time off work for a sick baby?

How are you going to handle daycare drop off and pick up when YOU are sick?

Is an 8am start time reasonable when daycare doesn’t open until 7:30am?

Believe me! It will make a world of difference

2. Beware the 2 way flex

Number 2 is actually my #1. The most common thing I talk about with clients is getting flex work right!

Before you ask for and agree to flex work (that means going in early or working a compressed work week or any other number of ideas) take some time and think about what that will really look like for you.

Is  working 4 x 10 hour days really going to be less stressful?

Is it really going to be part time or are you already feeling guilty and know you are going to spend all evening logging in and answering emails?

Make a few sample schedules and see what they feel like when you really dig into them!

3. It will not be like this forever

I call the first few months of back to work “being in the thick of it.” It really can feel overwhelming with all the emotions, changes, stress and getting used to the flow and schedule of work!

It will not feel like this forever. I promise. I always suggest to give it 3 weeks! That is only 21 days and then assess how you are feeling.

Do you need help with your back to work plan?

Do you want to have some support and others who understand what you are going through!

If the answer is YES – I have just the thing.

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