What often comes up with my coaching clients?

This phrase: “Why don’t I have her career?” So Im going to tell you (well at least what I have seen)

You know her! The friend from high school with the cool job. The neighbour who has gotten 2 promotions in the last year. That other mom who runs her own business and is making such impact! Here are some reasons…

1) She fails…but recovers quickly.

Failure is a key part of success. You have to try things and they may not work. Some people never try. You will never get a job you don’t apply for!

2) She keeps in touch

Old bosses, moms from mat leave, new secretary. She drops a note. She invites you for a drink. Her network is active and ready to make an introduction, have a coffee or hand in her application

3) She keeps improving

She takes courses, goes to talks, teaches a class, sticks her hand up for opportunities to grow. She meets new people doing it and is growing!

4) She is accountable

She has a mentor, a coach or someone who keeps her accoutable. I have clients who I meet with just 6x a year to keep pushing forward. Push past the imposter syndrome. Push past the self doubt!

5) She has been doing it longer

Sometimes it just takes time to create great things.

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