Mother’s Day will be hard.

Here I am surrounded by 3 little humans who love to make me tea parties and wear crowns and they remind me why I do all that I do. Career, life & all.

But I am doing it without her. There is no brunch. There is no spa. There is no sitting quietly watching a movie while she rubs circles on the back of my hand because she knows how that calms me.

My kids ask me about her. They ask what Grandma Rubyann was like but they don’t know her. And each year that goes by I am upset by the fading memories. Her laugh, how she moved, the way her eyes sparkled.

Days before she died I laid beside her and told her it was ok…I was 23 – I would take care of my 17 year old sister and love her and rub the back of her hand. She couldn’t talk but squeezed my hand and rubbed it with tears falling out her eyes.

I told my friend @kelseyblakecreative I wish I had more videos of my family. I wish I could see her move. Her laugh. Her hands – because some days I just need that. Kelsey makes beautiful family videos. Give yourself those moments. Leave your kids with those too.

To all my readers. I see you. Hugs.


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