In 2018 I read twenty eight white papers about women in the workforce. Sixteen about how to support mothers in the workplace.

This year more came out. Surveys and round tables and endless often UNPAID female time answering the same questions.

What do you need?

What can we improve?

At first, I even filled some of them out. Then I said – NO. I refuse to be a part of this game where we pour millions of dollars into identifying a problem that has already been identified one hundred times over.

Since my second baby I have paid close attention. I have watched as women screamed – support, accomodation, A PLAN as they return from maternity leave. (Please note all of these things are mandatory for many other types of leaves…just saying….)

So my question remained unanswered. Why haven’t we created more formal programs to support women coming back from maternity leave? Why do 90% of women received no formal support upon their return? Why haven’t we created affordable programs for women – filled with experts and support and peer groups to make them feel less alone?

I got tired of waiting for the answer. So I did it. I built a program – online, accessible, affordable. Ready to Return supports women as they return to work. A team of experts to answer ALL your questions.

I have built return to work programs for big companies. Policies for small companies and I have had over 125 women through my Ready to Return program in a little over a year….

In December my website will launch. Whether you are a mom who needs support or a business who wants to retain their female talent during this critical transition – we are here to help you.
Want to know more about the program RIGHT NOW? Jump on over to

Because now is not the time for another white paper.

Now is the time to change this.