Grateful. That’s my word.

I have heard people talking about their “2020” word. Success, NO, open – all sorts of words. But mine will be grateful.

But guess what. That was my word in 2017, 18 and 19. So I felt like I may as well keep it going.

January 2020 will be my 3rd year in business. It will be my 3rd year getting to work with people who do amazing things! It will be my 2nd year running my Ready to Return program (thanks to the over ONE HUNDRED people who have taken it!) and my 1st year heading back to corporate to start helping employers make the transition better!

But these three years have been transformative in other ways.
I started Careerlove after a 2 year recovery from a traumatic brain injury (story here).

My first year in business I ended up pregnant (surprise!) and had my 3rd baby.

My 2nd year in business my 3 month old was in the hospital for over a week.

My husband collapsed on my bathroom floor and was in intensive care for 2 weeks.

My baby ended up back in the hospital.

My middle son went into anaphylactic shock on my living room floor.

And I am grateful. Not for these awful things. But for the opportunity it gave me to be so incredibly open and raw. For the opportunity it gave me to see ALL the amazing people who showed up.

New friends, old friends, really old friends and people who I hardly knew but who are now part of this team behind me.

Success doesn’t come from hustling hard and working late at night. It comes from trust, collaboration, love and all the beautiful moments that prove to you that what you do means something.

So this post instead of talking about careers – I am turning off and saying thank you. If you want to see what makes a small business successful. What makes a full life – look at the people who surround that person, that business, that cause – because success is not a one woman show.

Happy Holidays

– Allison

Allison Venditti is a Career Coach & Return to Work Expert at She is the mom to 3 little boys, wife to one husband, bringer of food to one cat and enthusiastic winter bike rider. You can find her making friends in line at the coffee shop and hanging out in the nicest FB group around Moms@Work