Pay Transparency


Why is this so difficult?

I have been doing HR for over 10 years now and I have YET to have been provided with a compelling reason for not posting salary ranges.

I HAVE seen first hand how it impacts female candidates. How it forces the gender pay gap to widen. I refuse to have to repost the dozens of studies that show this. You already know it is wrong.

So why are you still doing it?

Hoping to get a “deal”?
Want to check out the market rate?

NO! This isn’t a toaster. This is a HUMAN. A valued member of your team (right?)

This is something YOU can change. I am standing firm and I am calling it out when I see it and so can you.

Email the company and tell them why you aren’t applying (because not providing pay transparency is not “promoting women”)

Call it out online (hey what’s the salary range – why aren’t you listing it?)

What am I doing? I do not allow job postings in my Moms at Work group without salary ranges (no you do not get free promotion in a women’s group when you are feeding a practice designed to hurt us)

I am asking you – all of you to look at what you can do.

You – business owner.

You – HR person.

You – person who is tired of putting in the effort to write a resume and cover letter only to find out that they want to pay you 20 000 less than what you were anticipating.

This is a simple act. Say no. Speak out. Share this.


Allison Venditti is a career coach & return to work expert at Careerlove With over a decade of HR experience including a niche expertise in creating and implementing impactful programs to support employees on leave she has supported hundreds of individuals through her program Ready to Return.

She spends her extra time winter bike riding, playing (and winning) board games, drinking coffee in giant Star Wars mugs and teaching her 3 boys how to build awesome forts and arguing about who would win in various superhero battles.