Do you have a network?

A bunch of people who you can call on if you need an introduction to a new job?

People who would jump at the chance to support you?

Help you grow your new business? Because let’s be honest – social media and posters isn’t going to grow it – but 5 people spreading the word like wildfire such as heck will!

So – I’m going to tell you theĀ #1 problem with the way you have been approaching networking.

So USUALLY one of 3 things happen

1) You don’t know where to start…so you don’t do anything

2) You stick with people in your industry. Attend events or listen to speakers who are familiar to you or just are relevant to your current role

3) You keep networking with people you know personally or just people in your company (but you also know that people who are close to you – don’t want to work for you or with you!! That would be weird!)

And all of these are FINE but they won’t get you the kind of network you really need. You see – you have a BOUNDARY problem.

Networks should cross boundarie, industries and should connect you to people more senior, more junior and who come with their own set of people. You need to get to know them personally.

But…that is REALLY HARD. Unless someone does it for you……

So guess what I did? I did it for you!!! My INSIDERS group is a group of over 100 women who are going to be your new network. They will cheer for you, mentor you, help you grow and bring you into our network.


We are going to get open about work, find mentors, grow our business, find a new job and be held accountable – while having a REALLY awesome time (sounds too good to be true? It’s not – I promise)

It is also helpful to have a hyper connector. Someone whose network spans continents, industries and career stages. So I would like to introduce you to that person – OH WAIT THAT IS ME!

I got so fed up with watching people struggle. I was tired of women not getting the support and expertise that they deserve – so I made this space just for you!!!

So for less than 2 coaching sessions for THE WHOLE YEAR….click the link in my bio to get added to the list for early bird pricing (that is right even CHEAPER than 2 coaching sessions)!




Can’t wait to be best friends!!

Allison Venditti is a Career Coach, Founder of the Moms At Work network, mom of 3, winter bike rider, lover of star wars, HR expert and advocate for working moms and pay transparency. I am also a hyper connector and get excited at the possiblity of adding you to my network.

Have questions – shoot me an email or connect with me in my Moms At Work group