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“I wanted to say thank you again for your advice on changing my CV and tweaking it to better represent what I’m looking for, I found your advice and straight forward approach entirely refreshing and I really appreciated your help.”

LAURA A, Career Changer – Agency Account Manager to Non Profit Leadership Development

I’m on my way to the next new exciting thing in my career and I have Allison to thank! My time with Allison is always productive and energizing. Allison understands my crazy life as a mom of two small children yet she helps me make attainable goals so that I’m always moving forward. She’s made me look at my career, myself and my life in a whole new way.

SHAFINA COELHO, Career Change – Small business owner to Recruiter

Thank-you so much for everything this past year! You really helped me get to where I am now; feeling fulfilled at my job for the first time in almost three years! Not to mention having a clearer path for what I want out of my career.

JESSIE B, Career Change – Media to Non-Profit Marketing

Like most people, I dread job hunting.  The process requires too much naval gazing and ultimately I end up full of self-criticisms and doubts. I would rather eat worms than job hunt.  Seriously. Working with Allison changed everything. She taught me that job hunting should not be take up my whole day and that I might as well be enjoy some of this time off as well. I enjoyed our time together immensely and I have come to think of Allison as my professional fairy godmother!

JOANNA L, Job Search Coaching – Mining & Minerals

Allison’s insights run broad and deep. She really understands the challenges of being a woman, a mother, and an ambitious, creative person. Articulating this complexity and updating my priorities and goals has been a wonderful journey, and I have Allison to thank for seeing my career in an exciting new light.
– CP, Architect

“Allison helped me tremendously in figuring out the next steps in my career: the weekly sessions with her were well-structured, her assignments thoughtfully laid out and her feedback was precise and to the point. She has an amazing network of clients and contacts who are willing to lend a hand. Above all, I appreciated her personalized approach to our sessions, where she tailored everything to my specific needs and answered all of my questions and concerns.”

– CHRIS S, Arts & Culture

When I returned to work as a single mom in a leading, internationally-based digital marketing agency, I quickly came to realize just how much water I was under! I felt as though my skills and interests were underutilized in the role, but conversely completely overwhelmed and overworked in it.

Anxiety hung over me, I lost a lot of sleep, and although I tried my best, the reality is I did a mediocre job at both of my roles for a while.

Because of Allison, I landed my dream job! I’m now in a career that I love, and which brings me great growth opportunities, and challenges – and the work-life balance to be an engaged mom to my little man; I’ve even some time for myself! I couldn’t have done it without Allison – whom I cannot thank enough!
JAMEY DIEPEN – Digital Marketing Manager and happy Mom to a happy boy