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building and nurturing Your Network

Have you been going to networking events and meeting no one? Trying to grow your network but don't know where to start?
Let me help you!

Does this sound familiar?

You go to networking events and then stand around with a drink or chatting with the one person you forced to come with you.
You have gotten business cards and promises to follow up and then....nothing.
You have reached out to people on LinkedIn but no one responds
You are trying to grow a referral network for your small business but WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

building and nurturing your network is easier than you think!

Network in a way that doesn’t feel SALESY or DESPERATE

Learn how to find events full of people like YOU who want to hire YOU!

Find out how to nurture your network (without feeling like you are harassing people)

BUT I HATE networking events!

The magic of the building and nurturing your network course is that it is MADE for those who need a networking boost! People who just despise going to 1000 person events and those who are just feeling lost about when, where and how to grow their network. 

There are dozens of better ways, better places and better plans to grow your personal and professional network. Let me show you how!

Here's what you'll get

resources Included

Making the most of Network events

A tip sheet on how to connect with others and have fun at networking events. Never leave an event without talking to anyone again!

managing connections

This is the actual spreadsheet I used to help me organize all the new connections and relationships I created! It helped me land 2 jobs and create a profitable business in under 2 years.

3 month networking plan

Everyone's plan is different but this 3 month planner will help you identify the key areas you need to work on and set some strong networking goals.

never hand out a business card again!

Building and Nurturing Your Network is ONLY $49 + HST

If you don’t have a network that will help you build your career…

 don’t you think it is time to get one?



Land Your Next Job consists of 5 individual courses for you to do where and when you want! You can purchase each course separately OR buy them all and save! 


Hi, I'm Allison.

I am a career coach, HR professional and learned master networker. I was working my corporate job and getting three to five interview invitations a month. I had a response saved in my email to tell people I wasn’t interested. When I started my own coaching company – I did no paid advertising and had a self made website. I built a network and had a full client roster and a waitlist in my 2nd year.

Did I spend hours at networking events? Nope.

Have some secret executive connection? Nope.

Have deep family connections to magical networks? Also nope.

I spent time figuring out what worked and what didn’t. How to get people to remember me and to stay at the top of their mind when they were hiring or recommending someone to their friends. Now I want to share that with you!