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How to Create a Job Share

When people think about flexible work they think remote work, work from home, flex arrangements and part time but what about job sharing? Job sharing if done right can provide many of these things and more! So how do you create a job share? Let’s find out…. Starting a Job Share at Your Current Job […]

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Mother’s Day will be hard

Mother’s Day will be hard. Here I am surrounded by 3 little humans who love to make me tea parties and wear crowns and they remind me why I do all that I do. Career, life & all. But I am doing it without her. There is no brunch. There is no spa. There is […]

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I want her career

What often comes up with my coaching clients? This phrase: “Why don’t I have her career?” So Im going to tell you (well at least what I have seen) You know her! The friend from high school with the cool job. The neighbour who has gotten 2 promotions in the last year. That other mom […]

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The Problem with Passion

I run a company called Careerlove.ca and while I want people to be excited, motivated and have a career that fits their life, I will be the first to admit that I have a problem with the word passion. Every week I meet another person who is struggling with their career. This struggle is made […]

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And then it hit me

On January 25 my life was forever changed. The sun was just coming up when my three year old bounced into our room, onto our bed and then flung his body and his head backwards – into my face. I only remember the cracking sound. After that I don’t remember much. I remember stumbling to […]

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How I don’t do it all

Yesterday, I was chatting with another mom when she stopped and asked me  – “How do you do it all? 3 kids and your own business. You do all this other stuff too!” I looked at her – blinking – then realized she actually wanted an answer.  I didn’t have one. I had never been […]

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