A exclusive membership group for professional working women looking to connect, grow and support each other.


I need a professional network.

I need to grow in my career but

I need to help work on my side hustle

I am struggling with and I want to work on this.

I need to make (but it feels like so much work!).

What if you could...

  • Find an exclusive, intimate and supportive professional network where you belong.
  • Full of others who really get it - who are ready to support you.
  • Have access to a Career Coach who has supported 100s of women. Weekly office hours to get your questions answered.
  • Be part of a group where you can grow professionally, have hard conversations and work through issues with a vetted group of women.
  • Engage in monthly topics such as career confidence, beating imposter syndrome, growing your career and stress free networking.

This is the onLy time membership will be offered in 2020!

Join us now!


Moms at Work insiders

Moms at Work is a fabulous space full of thousands of women but you feel like you need more!

More connection. More support.

This is a unique space. It is the place you have been searching for.

More than a group. More than a professional network. It is a place to belong. A place to grow. A place to be heard.

It is a carefully vetted group of women who all want the same thing. 

Action. Movement. Change. 

Access to a Career Coach – it is like having a coach in your pocket! With weekly office hour to help you with whatever you need at that moment.

Done for you networking. Conversations on topics & themes that impact YOU. 

Whether you are in a corporate job, freelancer, small business owner or just trying to figure out what you want.

This is your space.

Here's what you'll get

An exclusive vetted network of women (that means your boss and coworkers won’t be in here!). A career coach who is ready to help move you to the next job, next level, next goal.

  • Supportive and Active Community in our members only secret Facebook Group
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Call with Career Coach & HR expert - Allison Venditti
  • Weekly Office Hour - Ask Me anything and get the support you need
  • Monthly themes & challenges to support different aspects of your career + growth
  • Access to resources and articles relevant to the month's topic - sent straight to you in our monthly newsletter
  • Access to free in person and virtual networking events
  • Member Discounts and first access to group coaching and mastermind groups

Join the 2020 membership now
starting August 1 - December 31, 2020
All this for only

$225 + HST or
5 monthly payments of $49

(that is $1.60 a day – or one of those really really teeny coffees)

Price increases to $275 or $59 per month on July 12.

Join us now – your network is waiting…

This is for you if...

  • You love the Moms at Work space but want to really connect individually with a smaller group.
  • You are ready to start growing your career instead of it dragging you along with it!
  • You want a space that is just for you. To talk about what is working and what is not. To grow. Build confidence and more!
  • You need access to a Career Coach - someone who can help you out (but without the 1:1 price tag!!

This is not for you if...

  • You are not ready for your new network! We want people who are ready to engage and support each other! (That is how networks work!)
  • You are not ready to share! This is how community is built. We are going to lean on and support each other.
  • You just want to ask for a job. This is the opportunity to build a space where you are going to do the work together. Get to know and trust each other. That is how you build a network!

“Allison is a master networker. She truly gets to know people and connects in a genuine, kind and wonderful way. Being a coaching client has literally changed my life. I have done things I never would have done. Taken on projects. Applied for a role totally outside my old comfort zone. The list goes on and on.

– Lisa, Public Service Employee

Career Coach

Hey, I'm Allison

Owner of Careerlove, mama to 3 little boys and secret weapon for moms looking to create careers they love.

My gift is creating community and networks. I have spent years building communities including Moms at Work (over 4000 women!) which is a beautiful and safe space for women. But I know that lots of people need more. More support, more hands on help with their career. 

That is where I come in.

I have spent over a decade in Human Resources, coaching and consulting and in a super niche specialty as a return to work expert. I have interviewed over 2000 applicants for jobs, helped over 800 people return to work after maternity leave, injury and illness, and coached individuals into more senior roles, new careers and new businesses. I have worked with companies ranging from 5 – 10,000 employees in industries ranging from consumer packaged goods, marketing, banking, tech, startups, engineering, non-profit, health care and government.

Do not underestimate the power of finding people who undersand, support and GET you. We will be the ones to help you get to where you need to be! I can’t wait to be a part of your team!

this is the only time the membership will be open in 2020
doors close july 31st.

Join us now – your network is waiting…

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get a custom coaching call 2x a month in the group, office hours where you can pop in and ask your questions 1x a week. Also – I will be in the group helping guide the conversation and cheer you on!

We talk about work. Tough things that you don’t want to ask anywhere else. We can’t do that if your boss is in the group or someone else on your team! This can be your place. Just for you.

No! We would love to have you join us – no baby required. Moms at Work is a safe space for women and female identifying individuals.

Moms at Work is one of my favourite spaces. The Insiders group provides coaching, access to office hours for questions, space to work on your career with support and a more intimate space to talk about stresses, work issues and more.

Moms at Work Insiders is specifically created for people across a variety of industries. You need to find and build a network bigger than what you have. Moms at Work Insiders connects you on both a professional and personal level. It is truly unique.

In addition to other amazing people – you get access to a Career Coach (that is me) there to provide office hours for all sorts of questions, done for you resources and exercises and so much more. 

Moms at Work Insiders was made specifically to help you! If you WANT to figure it all out and get further along and work on you join us – it’s not too late!


I will admit that I talk a lot about 9-5 life but about 40% of my clients are starting their own small business or are already growing one.

You see there are groups for entrepreneurs, groups for new moms, groups for those who have been off work for a long time but no space where we can all meet each other.

I truly believe that the most powerful networks and learning comes when you are surrounded by people who have a common goal. Moms at Work Insiders common goal is to help you grow – professionally, personally and together.

If you’re one of these and you know you need help, but you thought that Insiders was only for corporate folks, you can still join us! It’s not too late! 

YES. Times a thousand. The reason is that I made MAWI is because…it didn’t exist. A group that is all for you. With support from a career coach. A safe space to really do some work. New – innovative – personal.


Nope! Moms at Work is all about connections, accountability and support. Masterminds tend to be very small focused groups. But guess what, I will tell you a secret – building small masterminds is something I will seriously consider adding as a future option for members 😉

Allison’s insights run broad and deep. She really understands the challenges of being a woman, a mother, and an ambitious, creative person. Articulating this complexity and updating my priorities and goals has been a wonderful journey, and I have Allison to thank for seeing my career in an exciting new light.
CP -
I’m on my way to the next new exciting thing in my career and I have Allison to thank! My time with Allison is always productive and energizing. Allison understands my crazy life as a mom of two small children yet she helps me make attainable goals so that I’m always moving forward. She’s made me look at my career, myself and my life in a whole new way.
Career Change Client

What would your career look like if you were:
more confident
more clear
supported by a comMunitY

I think you owe it to yourself to find out.