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Ready to Return Online Course

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Ready to Return is Canada’s only online course designed to help women return to work from maternity leave. This 21-day online course is designed specifically for moms who are on maternity leave or have recently returned to work.



Heading Back to Work? Feeling alone and overwhelmed with all the questions and anxiety? Are you spending your leave worrying about your return to work? Are you spending your leave worrying about your return to work?

If you spend your time thinking:

  • How am I going to do this all?
  • What happens if the baby gets sick?

I hear you! And I completely understand! That is why I created – Ready to Return -A Maternity Leave Course. A course that covers all these things and more! Tips on meal planning, flexible work, transitioning to childcare and more! This is a safe space to share your worries, questions and MORE!

Who is this course for?

  • Are you currently on Maternity Leave and planning your return to work?
  • Are you thinking about return to work and need a plan!
  • Have you returned in the past 6 months and need help handling the adjustment?
  • Do you want support from other moms, experts and a career coach who has helped over 900 people return to work

What do you get:

  • 3 week online course (emails sent every morning Monday to Friday)
  • A closed Facebook group community where you will get support from others who are also returning to work!
  • Weekly group video chats – I will jump in and answer your questions live!
  • Access to Allison – Career Coach and Return to Work expert (I will be in the group supporting you and answering your questions!)
  • Guest experts – past experts include lactation consultant, childcare expert and nutritionists

[Link to syllabus]


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