Ready to return

Returning to work after mat leave? Feeling alone and overwhelmed with all the questions and anxiety? Are you spending your leave worrying about your return to work?



i hear you!

And I completely understand! That is why I created a course that covers all of these things and more! Tips on meal planning, flexible work, transitioning to childcare and more! This is a safe space to share your worries and your questions. 

On top of that you are supported by a team of experts. 

Imagine returning to work supported by:

– A Career Coach for Moms and Return to Work Expert (with over 15 years in HR)

– Lactation Consultant

– Sleep Consultant

– Nutritionist

– Life Coach 

– Parenting Coach & Daycare Transition Specialist

– Psychotherapist

(**please note experts may change each round**)

Less than one-fifth of women feel confident returning to work after having a baby, according to a survey of 1,008 women
0 %
were not offered any formal support through a returner program.
0 %
were worried about their requests for flexible work being rejected.
0 %
felt so unsupported and isolated upon their return, they considered quitting.


Ready to return online course

Canada’s only online course for Moms Returning to Work From Maternity Leave. Join our next round starting July 6, 2020

Here's what you'll get

  • 4 week online course
  • Daily On Demand Group Support
  • Peer Support! A group you can lean on and connect with
  • Guest experts to help answer your questions
  • Tools and Templates
  • Resource lists and recommendations

Meet Allison venditti- your ready to return mentor
who will be there every step of the way!

Hi – I’m Allison!


I am a Career Coach & HR Specialist but more importantly I am a Return to Work Expert. In addition to having returned to work from maternity leave myself 3 times (I totally get it!!) I have spent well over a decade creating return to work programs for some of the world’s most progressive companies. I have personally supported over 800 individuals in their return to work in sectors ranging from healthcare, education, manufacturing, engineering, non-profits and more (told you I get it). Ready to Return has helped over 150 women return to work after maternity leave – I would love to help you too!

Career Coach

bonus material

guest experts

Each round we will have 3 guest experts. Past experts have included a nutritionist, childcare expert and lactation consultant.

tools & templates

Back to work planning tools, exercises and sample schedules.

resource lists

Want more? I provide great books, podcasts and blogs to help you feel in control about your return to work.

guest Experts

Angela Grant Buechner is a Registered Nurse, Lactation Consultant and Doula and owns Nutmeg Consulting. She has worked at Mt Sinai in the NICU since graduating in 2000 as a bedside nurse and then as a Lactation Consultant. She started her private practice ‘tentatively’ about nine years ago doing home visits and Doula support, and then went ‘all-in’ four years ago.

Jenn Green is a super-mom and super-trainer for new moms who want to get their pre-baby fitness back in a realistic, healthful way. She combines fierce fitness with nutrition know-how to help baby mamas heal from childbirth and start getting strong again. You can find her running her signature online programs (while telling hilarious stories) over at Baby Mama Fitness.

Kate Love is a mama of twins, a yin yoga devotee and the owner of Sage Coaching. She works primarily with mamas and mamas-to-be to navigate change, prioritize self-care and (re)connect with themselves.

Rosalee Lahaie Hera, owner of Baby Sleep Love, is a Toronto-based Certified Sleep Consultant and mom of two beautiful little humans. She’s a researcher at heart with a passion for sleep science – and helping families get the sleep they need and deserve.


Melissa Graham Burke Headshot

Melissa Graham Burke is a Registered Psychotherapist with specialized skills and training in working with the unique challenges individuals face including anxiety and depression. She also has extensive experience working with couples and families. Melissa splits her time running a private practice and mom-ing. 


Heather Sande Headshot
Heather Sande is a Mom to two wonderful girls (toddler & preschooler) and is passionate about coaching parents to craft close connections with their kids, instead of focusing on challenging behaviours. With the right relationship you can make it through any stage or age! You can find her at heathersande.com
Melanie Stevens Sutherland Headshot
Melanie Stevens Sutherland brings 16 years of experience as a senior physiotherapist. She has enjoyed a long tenure working with active populations at prestigious sport medicine clinics. Past clients include Provincial, National and Olympic level athletes. 

Following the birth of her own children, Melanie developed a strong interest in women’s health. She has taken specialized courses in pelvic floor physiotherapy and women’s nutrition. She is passionate about helping women find strength and confidence in their post-natal bodies following pregnancy and delivery.

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This is for you if...

  • You who are currently on Maternity Leave
  • You are transitioning back to work
  • You have returned to work in the past year
  • You want support in your return to work
  • You are trying to figure this all out!

This course provided a great venue to share ideas and fears with other moms that were at a similar stage of their maternity leave.  It was a very welcoming group where all questions and concerns were encouraged and addressed in a very non-judgmental way. I have been referring back to some of the materials as my return to work date gets closer and closer. I would recommend for anyone returning back to work – first maternity leave or otherwise! 

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