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Moms at Work is advocacy.
Free advice, community, experts, job postings and more.
This as with all our events is free. No sponsors. No restrictions. We need to be able to speak our truth. No holding back.

It is everything that a group SHOULD be. Supportive, kind, and a truly safe space for Moms to connect.

But free also means unpaid (full pay transparency!), so I am asking for your help. Your donation will help us pay our speakers, pay for tech, pay for organizing and more.

We have started a movement and we will be the change we need.


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if you are a small business or business – please join our fee based Moms at Work directory (all money is used to support free events and advocacy) HERE

Your donation will help support me – support you! Resources, job postings, experts and more!

Thank you for loving this community!

Al xoxo


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